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2                      9                    January 5 2013             February 23 2013                           November 11 2013                             

Season 1-2012

1-How to Rock Braces and Glasses-February 4 2012

After geting Braces and Glasses.kacey falls for the popular group disneding the band gravity 4 featuring stevie,zander,keven and nelson.then kacey now realise molly and grace is not the real friends then she returns back to her true and new friends which now that the band newest name is gravity 5 ,then kacey and gravity 4 sing a new song only you can be the end of the song molly tells grace that she will end up crushing kacey and her friends.

song featured-only you can be you and rules for be popular and i will be three

2-How to Rock a Messy Bet-February 4 2012

After kacey only in her phone,kevin and nelson only playing video games,stevie only geting angry and zander only looking in the mirror they all decide to make a bet which they cannot do any of those things so molly trys to make kacey lost the bet which zander looks in the mirror so he lost and kevin and nelson secret play video-games when icedentle kacey and stevie  show so they bot lost so that means it only remains kacey and the end molly trys to make kacey lose by telling dean kacey,s crush to text her in her phone but stevie gets angry at molly to help kacey so she will not lose the bet and kacey wins the bet and after kacey trys to get a date with dean.

song featured-go with the gravity

3-How to Rock a Guest List-February 11 2012

Justin cole host a Big party at his house so kacey try to get her bandmates her in to party after seeing molly and grace invaded.

song featured-hey now

4-How to Rock a Staue-February 18 2012

zander makes a work of art to inpress a girl but kacey mistakes break the work of art.

5-How to Rock a Music video-February 25 2012

kacey wants her band mates to make a video but when they are not doing it right kacey  rejoins the prefs and when she now realize that the prefs is using her so she goes back to the gravity 5.

song featued-good life-rules for being popular

6-How to Rock an Election-March 3 2012

Kacey wants to get big time rush at there school .

song featured-music sounds better with you

7-How to Rock a nestcast-March 17 2012

kacey host a nestcast

song featued-you want news,babe and today,s school news

8-How to Rock a prank-March 24 2012

kacey gets a date with dean and when gravity 5 trys to prank the prefs it backfires and zander and kacey hands are glued together will kacey and zander fand out a way to not let there hands glued and will kacey forget about her big date with dean?

9-How to Rock a secret agent-March 31 2012

kacey sents stevie undercover with the prefs

song featured-Move with the crowd

10-How to Rock a lunch table-April 7 2012

gravity 5 wants the prefs table beacuse there table sinks.

song featued-go with the gravity

11-How to Rock a Birthday Party-April 14 2012

kacey and nelson host there party together.

song featured-last 1 standing

12-How to Rock a part time job-April 21 2012

kacey gets a job with stevie

song featued -last 1 standing

13-How to Rock halloween-April 28 2012

it,s halloween and kacey has a dream  that she and the prefs are vampires and her bandmates are werewofe and molly tricks kacey to kill her friends from a song-war on the dance floor

song featured-war on the dance floor

14-How to Rock a BasketBall team-May 5 2012

Kacey joins basketball with stevie but stevie thinks kacey is taking her part of it.

song featured-How you do it

15-How to Rock a love song-June 30 2012

kacey and stevie rads zander book and trys to now who he has a crush on Stevie or kacey but it is his dog lady.

song featured-lady

16-17-How to Rock cee lo-August 18 2012

Kacey and the gang meets cee lo

Song featured-All about tonight-crazy and rules for being ppoular

18-How to Rock  a singing telegram-September 22 2012

gravity 5 sings people there dates for the singing telegram.

song featured-rock with me

19-How to Rock a yearbook-September 29 2012

stevie and kevin watch,s zander yearbook

song featued-Just do me

20-How to Rock  a high school sensation-October 13 2012

gravity 5 and the prefs team up to make a Auddion

song featued-me,myself and I

21-How to Rock Good Deed-October 20 2012

kacey is not happy that the prefs projet is better that gravity 5 projet.

song featured-Just Do Me

22-How to Rock Camping-October 27 2012

The prefs go on a Camping Trip

song featured-only you can be you

23-How to Rock a fashion victiom-November 3 2012

Kacey trys to impress a fashion victiom.

24-How to Rock a uniform-November 10 2012

the school has to where school uniform so it,s up to Kacey and Molly to fix it.

25-How to Rock a Tennis Ball-December 1 2012

Kacey loses mr.march tennis ball

26-How to Rock Christmas-December 8 2012

Gravity 5 and the prefs are lock in a mall.which kacey and molly fiight for a necklast at the end gravity 5 and the prefs became friends.

song featured-deck the halls

note-Season finale

Season 2-2013

1-How to Rock a social work-January 5 2013

Kacey and stevie work on a social projet.

2-How to Rock a bad song-January 12 2013

kacey writes a song for the band but the band hates it.

song featued-give my song true

3-How to Rock a Messy Dress-January 19 2013

Gravity 5 and the prefs host a prom where kacey gets a beatuful dress but when it falls in mud it become Messy.

song featured-Messy dress

4-How to Rock a superstarr-January 26 2013

kacey meats a Katy perry and Jack Black.

guest starr-Katy perry and Jack Black

Song Featured -Awsome Jack,Katy,katy and Rules for being Poular

5-How to Rock a Tree-House-February 2 2013

Gravity 5 and the Prefs Make a Tree house but when it breaks down gravity 5 and the prefs do a compotison by the best tree house maker wins.

6-How to Rock a Road Trip-February 9 2013

Gravity 5 goes on a road trip where there now discover that the prefs are there to.

note- this is smilar to the episode How to Rock Chrsitmas the finale episode of season 1.

7-How to Rock a date-February 16 2013

Nelson and grace goes on a date,stevie and zander goes on a date,Molly and Kevin goes on a date and kacey has no one to go with so she decides to go with her crush dean.

song featued-cute crush-only you can be you and hey now,rules for being popular

8-9-How to Rock GoodBye-February 23  2013

kacey become,s a star but when she has to leave the band it is a hard to make and she leaves which makes stevie,zander and kevin sad and nelson try to cheer them up which Molly and Grace joins the band and molly become lead singer.which as in 5 mounts over kacey returns  to the band  but she is to late Stevie and zander past for another school and kevin and nelson quit the band but when they see kacey kevin and nelson rejoins the band but still Zander and Stevie is Not there so Kacey gets Her,kevin and nelson to preform at a school and they now notis that they are preforming at zander and stevie,s new school so before they preform kacey finds stevie and ask,s her if she wants to rejoin the band with her kevin and nelson she say it,s up to Zander beacuse stevie and zander are boyfriend and girlfriend and zander says no so that means gravity 5 will not be returning so it,s gravity 3 then at the end Stevie and Zander come back to the School and Rejoins back to the name Gravity 5 and when molly and grace returns form there walk to the park suddley gravity 5 and the prefs are not Freinds anymore.

song Featured-Only you can be you,Rules for being poular,Move with the crowd,war on the dance floor and crazy

Note-this is set to be the season and series finale and this is a one hour long specail.

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