Five Fingaz (to the face) is a song on Victorious sung by Dr. Rhapsody, Cat Valentine, Trina Vega, Beck Oliver, Robbie Shapiro, Rex Powers, Tori Vega, Andre Harris, and Jade West. It double trended on Twitter.


'Dr. Rhapsody: (Andre in the official song on The Slap) You know I flaunt ya 'cuz girl I really want ya

Tori: And you lookin' nice Got me cooler than a bag of ice Five Fingaz to the Face

All: Now freeze...freeze...freeze

Trina: Now go.

Robbie:' Drop it fast and move it real slow. All: Hoooo! What?!

Trina: You smell so fruity

Andre: I'm a pirate and you're my booty

Beck: Arghh So move it in close

Robbie: And let me have my daily dose (Girls:*gasp*)

Andre (spoken): Girl I've been thinking 'bout you, thinking 'bout me

Rex (spoken): What you think about me?

Cat: Five fingaz to the face! Five fingaz to the face!

(Andre: Oh it's like that)

Tori: Five fingaz to the face!

Jade: Five fingaz to the face!

Beck: I love Lotcino

Boys: Vanessa and Georgina

Andre: It's a lady's choice So I'm a make sure to make some noise!

(Boys: Ho, oh)

Robbie: And now were sweatin'

Rex: Got my turbo engine revvin'

All Vroom!

Jade: They stop and stare All the haters think it's just not fair

Robbie: That I'm 6 foot 1 and I'm tons of fun!

Rex: And I'm about to put this club in gear

Andre: So fella's grab a cup (Boys: What!)

Rex: All my ladies, you know whats up (Girls: Yeah!)

Robbie: Put your hands in the sky if you're feeling fly!

Beck and Andre: And tell me that you (Girls: what)

Andre: Cause I'm the man in charge!

Jade: And you know I'm living large!

Tori: I've got a big white house and a fancy yacht!

Trina: And garage full of classic cars

Tori (spoken): What you talkin bout boy?

Rex (spoken): Oh calm down

Cat (spoken): I know you don't think you can just come up in here and buuuuuy meee.

Andre (spoken): C'mon

Jade (spoken): You know what I got for you?

Cat: Five fingaz to the face! Five fingaz to the face!

Tori: Five fingaz to the face!

Girls: Five fingaz to the face! OH!==Gallery== Coming Soon!

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