Figure it Out is a Nicklelodeon gameshow first made in 1997-1999. The reruns were played until 2007. The show was then revived with a new host, new panelists, and new features on June 11th, 2012.


  • Alex Heartman
  • Ana Mulvoy Ten (House of Anubis)
  • Ariana Grande (Victorious)
  • Ashley Argota
  • Avan Jogia (Victorious)
  • Carlos Knight
  • Carlos Pena Jr. (Big Time Rush)
  • Challen Cates (Big Time Rush)
  • Christopher O' Neal (How to Rock)
  • Ciara Bravo (Big Time Rush)
  • Cymphonique Miller (How to Rock)
  • Daniella Monet (Victorious)
  • Drake Bell (Drake and Josh)
  • Elizabeth Gillies (Victorious)
  • Eric Lange (Victorious)
  • Gracie Dzienny (Supah Ninjas)
  • Halston Sage (How to Rock)
  • Jade Ramsey (House of Anubis)
  • Jake Weary (Fred: The Show)
  • James Maslow (Big Time Rush)
  • Jennette McCurdy (iCarly)
  • Keke Palmer (Rags)
  • Kendall Schmidt (Big Time Rush)
  • Kirk Fox (How to Rock)
  • Leon Thomas III (Victorious)
  • Logan Henderson (Big Time Rush)
  • Lucas Cruikshank (Fred: The Show)
  • Lulu Antariksa (How to Rock)
  • Matt Bennett (Victorious)
  • Max Schenider (How to Rock)
  • Michael Eric Reid (Victorious)
  • Nathan Kress (iCarly)
  • Noah Crawford (How to Rock)
  • Noah Munck (iCarly)
  • Rachel Crow
  • Ryan Potter
  • Samantha Boscarino (How to Rock)
  • Stephen Kramer Glickman (Big Time Rush)
  • Tanya Chisolm (Big Time Rush)
  • Victoria Justice (Victorious)

Possible PanelistsEdit

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