Cat Valentine
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 16
Hair color:       Red
Eye color:       brown
Personal Information
  Student at Hollywood Arts
  Lil' Red, Cutie


  Hayley Ferguson

Tara Ganz
Rex Powers

Love Interests:
  Robbie Shapiro

Jason Sikowitz
Evan Smith



Mother (unnamed)

Father (unnamed)

Brother (unnamed)
One Dog
Two Uncles (unnamed)

Cousin Jesse (cousin)

Production Information
Played by: (live action)
Ariana Grande
Cat Valentine is a character from the Nickelodeon comedy show "Victorious". She is portrayed by Ariana Grande.

Victorious Plots/SubplotsEdit

  1. Pilot - She becomes Tori's friend, and acts in the Acting Improv. She gets last place in the Alphabetical Improv.
  2. The Bird Scene - Tori asks Cat for help with the Bird Scene.
  3. Stage Fighting - She doesn't believe Tori that she didn't hit Jade, and she kisses Robbie to show him that kissing Trina was just a kiss.
  4. Cat goes with Robbie to his Mamaw's house to help her with her computer. She later gets into an argue with her.
  5. Jade Dumps Beck - Cat is absent.
  6. Tori the Zombie - Cat uses Tori for her make-up assignment. She accidently uses grizzly glue and gets the make-up stuck to Tori's face. She later drives with Trina to get the solvent for Tori.
  7. Robarazzi - Cat gets addicted to a magazine named Sky store. Robbie posts about this on Robarazzi.
  8. Survival Of The Hottest - Cat leaves the RV to use the restroom. She meanwhile partys with 4 guys while her friends are stuck in the RV.
  9. Wi-fi in the Sky - Cat uses affects to make her look funny on her webcam. Tori later tells Cat to stop which makes her log off.
  10. Beck's Big Break - Cat gets a part as an extra in the movie.
  11. The Great Ping Pong Scam - Cat is a part of the 'Ping Pong Team", even though she is scared of the ball.
  12. Cat's New Boyfriend - Cat becomes the girlfriend of a boy named Daniel, who Tori used to date. She attends the Kick Back with him, but Tori sprays hot cheese into Cat's hair. Tori later kisses Daniel, which makes Cat even more upset. Cat avoids Tori until Tori chases Cat and takes her into the janitor's closet. Cat forgives Tori and feels bad when she punches Tori in the nose, and possibly breaks it.
  13. Freak the Freak Out - Cat goes to karaoke dokie with Jade and challenges Hayley and Tara to a sing off.
  14. Rex Dies - Cat keeps asking people about her Uncle Jesse soaking his feet in chicken fat, and is later taken into a mental ward.
  15. The Diddly Bops - Cat is the Brocolli in the Diddly Bops. She then signs them up for another gig at the mall , where the rest refuse to go.
  16. Wok Star - Cat plays the lead in Jade's Play.
  17. The Wood - Cat is absent.
  18. A Film By Dale Squires - Cat plays the female lead in the film, and later goes to get waffles with the gang.
  19. Sleepover at Sikowitz - Cat assigns Robbie to play a motivational speaker who just drank some drink that made his legs wobbly and unsteady. Beck assigns Cat to play a 1980's Stand Up Comedian Who is Very annoying, to which she responds that she wants to be a unicorn. She later breaks character getting 5th place to date Sikowitz's hot nephew.
  20. Beggin' On Your Knees - Cat gets the phone number of a hospital to which people keep calling for ambulances.
  21. Beck Falls For Tori - Cat dresses up in random costumes that she made in her Costume Design Class.
  22. Ice Cream for Ke$ha - Cat helps the gang find all the letters. She finds the H. She later goes with Jade, Andre, and Tori to get Funky Nutter Blast.
  23. Tori Gets Stuck - Cat goes to the hospital with Tori and Trina and later helps Trina practice for her tuberculosis character.
  24. Prom Wrecker - Robbie thinks Cat is lying about her taking a boy named Tug to the dance.
  25. Locked Up! - Cat goes to Yerba with the gang and performs in All I Want is Everything as a dancer, and back-up vocalist. She ends up going to jail with the rest of the gang. Cat teaches some prisoners to dance after she joins their prison gang. Sikowitz tells Cat she is so full of joy and stupidity. Tori devises a plan getting the help of Cat teaching the others to dance. Cat later has a solo in I Want You Back. She later escapes witht he gang.
  26. Helen Back Again - Cat does a 5 minute audition of acting, juggling and singing in less than 90 seconds.
  27. Who Did It To Trina? - Cat is one of the suspects.
  28. Tori Tortures Teacher - Cat helps tTori and the gang to make Sikowitz happy.
  29. Jade Gets Crushed - Cat becomes obsessed with Jupiter Boots.
  30. Terror On Cupcake Street - Cat goes with the gang on the float to the parade. She gets choseon on the app Spin-a-ma-jig to choose the float design, and she decides it would be a giant cupcake.
  31. Blooptorious - She is interviewed by Christopher Cane and her bloopers are shown.
  32. A Christmas Tori - Cat is Jade's secret santa. She gives out Christmas Beef made by her brother. She recieves a guy with a cotton candy machine named Larry from Robbie. She gives Jade a pair of scissors.
  33. The Breakfast Bunch - Cat gets detention with the gang. She comes to detention late. She makes a picture of the first man to ever land on the moon.
  34. The Gorilla Club - Cat laughs at Tori's practice for the audition. She later does amazing on the bunny and the Balls of Pain at the Gorilla Club.
  35. The Worst Couple - Cat participates in Sinjin's game show.
  36. Andre's Horrible Girl - She and Jade dogsit Cat's mom's boss's dog. Cat calls Robbie and Beck to fix a broken window and a guitar. She cries during the earthquake.
  37. Car, Rain, & Fire - She goes with Tori & Jade to honor Mona Patterson.
  38. Tori & Jade's Playdate - Cat goes around and sings bad news to people with robbie by song.
  39. April Fool's Blank - Cat plays Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz sketch, and is in the 80's gameshow. She sings Shut Up N Dance with the rest of the cast.
  40. Driving Tori Crazy - Cat uses an app called Tap It where she gets amazing discounts. She takes the gang in a party bus.
  41. How Trina Got In - She Learns How Trina got into Hollywood Arts
  42. Tori Goes Platinum - Cat becomes addicted to bibble.
  43. Crazy Ponnie - She waxes off Jade's eyebrows and gets shaved bald by Jade.
  44. The Blonde Squad - She participates in The Blonde Squad and goes to Nozu with Jade and Tori. She starts dating a boy named Evan, who Tori soons breaks them up. Robbie sings I Think You're Swell To Cat.
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